I'm a pianist, composer, programmer, giant nerd, and a bunch of other things. I live in Philadelphia and work in the University of Pennsylvania's Brain Behavior Lab, writing code to, naturally, control people's brains. I'm currently (slowly) developing a piece of software called Stickerbrush, a lightweight digital audio workstation for writing authentic SNES music.

Here you can find the tiny amount of music I've dragged myself to record, read sporadic blog entries on various topics, and follow Stickerbrush's development as I struggle to tackle this behemoth-project.

Please enjoy this blurry photo of me awkwardly posing at the piano. I really like that shirt, though.


I mostly write intermediate- to expert-level solo piano arrangements of iconic video game music.


I occasionally write about my life, video games, music, music notation, and software development.

Find me online

The link above contains a longer list, but here are a few quick options. Warning: I generally don't like social media and don't use it very much.