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I store two (2) pieces of information related to your Twitch account: your user name, and whether or not you follow my stream. I use these to a.) display your name next to your requests in the "upcoming requests" list, and b.) keep track of your request history for statistical purposes and upcoming planned features.

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Submit a music request!

Use either of the forms below to submit your request for my stream! Either search my library for a score I already have, or submit a link to a PDF of the score for anything I don't. Note that you will only see the option to submit a request if I am actively streaming and you are connected to this site via Twitch.

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Request from my library of 532 (and counting!) scores

My library contains music that I already have, and every request made during a stream gets added after the stream ends (ostensibly). Use any combination of filters below (or none at all) to search. A maximum of 50 works will be displayed, so narrow your search criteria, if necessary. You can click on column headers to sort on that column.

Just as a warning: obviously I do not have several hundred pieces of music worked up and ready to go, so where performance quality is concerned, you're requesting at your own risk!

Genre: Title*:

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*(partial is fine: e.g., "kef"/"kefka"/"theme" will all match "Kefka's Theme")

Give me new PDFs!

Please read the following guidelines before submitting!

  1. Search the library first, in case I already have the piece you're looking for.
  2. Use a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Wikisend, etc. to upload the sheet music.
  3. If you're not using any such service, I must be able to download the PDF from the page without having to sign up for an account. Avoid Scribd, if possible, though I can make it work if need be.
  4. Make sure the file is in the PDF format.
  5. No shortened URLs (e.g., bit.ly, goo.gl, etc.). Requests submitted with shortened URLs will be denied.
  6. Make sure the PDF is a full score, and not just whatever you could nab for free (like the first page or whatever).
  7. No YouTube videos, please.


Source: (Super Metroid, Jurassic Park, Beethoven, etc.)

URL to PDF score:

Optional message: (150)


Regarding requests for classical music

I will happily take most classical requests! That said, I have a better knowledge than most of the genre and will likely just remove requests for works that I know to be of extreme difficulty.

Regulars are starting to get a feel for the kind of stuff I have in my own personal classical library (which is not part of my searchable library here). If you want to hear, say, a Beethoven sonata, and can't or don't want to find the sheet music for it, just use the standard PDF form and put gibberish or google.com or whatever in the URL field.

Classical works are frequently quite long, so if you give me a PDF for a whole sonata or a big collection of shorter works without also leaving a message telling me which to play (and I don't catch anything in Twitch chat), I'll pick a movement or work on a whim.