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posted 22 October 2017 in Ocarina of Time Suite #1

Well, it ain't a requiem in the game, and this arrangement ain't a requiem, either. I turned it into a pseudo-passacaglia that pays homage to the passacaglia from English composer Cyril Scott's "Pastoral Suite." Basically, it just repeats the same four-bar melody over and over, but the surrounding material changes every time.

Fun fact: the right-hand run that starts at ~2:06 was originally written as simply a descending chromatic scale (the very tail-end of which I kept), but I thought that was super boring, so I rewrote it into what you hear in the video in the day or two I was practicing it before I recorded it.

The performance is mostly fine, but I'm really unhappy with how the recording itself turned out: I just don't have good enough equipment to adequately capture the difference between the softer and more intense sections, so it all sounds kind of the same to me. One day when I have better stuff, I may go back and record these again, but, for now, I just work with what I've got.

[Note: I notated all of the scores for this suite using MuseScore 1.x, and am in the process of updating them for MuseScore 2.x, which makes them look a lot nicer overall. It's just taking awhile. I'll post the scores to these video pages as soon as they're updated.]