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posted 22 October 2017 in Ocarina of Time Suite #1

All of the ocarina tunes in this set have two parts: the part you actually play on your ocarina in game, and a little tag that plays at the end. Some of the tags aren't really interesting enough to do anything with musically (The Prelude of Light), and some are almost identical to the ocarina song itself (The Nocturne of Shadow, The Requiem of Spirit). The Minuet of Forest's is okay, though, so I used it as the basis for the "trio" section of this minuet. I also used a little bit of Saria's Song (this was before I knew I was going to write a second set of arrangements based on the other ocarina tunes) as transitional material.

It's noted in the score, but the beginnings of the whirligig right-hand sections can be reduced from a tenth to an octave, if you have small hands. :D

[Note: I notated all of the scores for this suite using MuseScore 1.x, and am in the process of updating them for MuseScore 2.x, which makes them look a lot nicer overall. It's just taking awhile. I'll post the scores to these video pages as soon as they're updated.]