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posted 22 October 2017 in Ocarina of Time Suite #1

Although this set was written to be comparatively "easy" (i.e., for intermediate/late-intermediate pianists), it's bookended by slightly more difficult arrangements. The wide, nonstop left-hand figures here may prove a bit challenging for those who find the middle four works closer to their comfort level. Just think of it as "The Etude of Light," and you'll be fine.

With the prelude having become somewhat of a nebulous musical form over the centuries, I decided to keep this pretty simple: it stays close to the source material and it never really ventures off.

[Note: I notated all of the scores for this suite using MuseScore 1.x, and am in the process of updating them for MuseScore 2.x, which makes them look a lot nicer overall. It's just taking awhile. I'll post the scores to these video pages as soon as they're updated.]