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Pokémon has come a long way since we first got Red and Blue in the mid '90s, but most of us will never forget the classic tunes that made our first journey through the Kanto region so memorable.

Across ten different cities there are seven unique musical tracks in the game (Viridian, Pewter, and Saffron all share a track; Celadon and Fuchsia share another). I decided to arrange these seven pieces as a musical journey through the Kanto region, starting at Pallet Town and ending on Cinnabar Island, and, thus, "A Tour of Kanto" was born!


Pallet Town: The Journey Begins

posted 21 April 2018

Well, I finally got around to recording again, but not to updating my website! Many of us old farts began our first Pokémon adventure over two decades ago in Pallet Town (yes, it's really spelled that way), and so I begin the musical suite there, as well.

The original track is homey and slower, so I decided to spice it up a little bit in order to capture the excitement of setting out on a long. peril-fraught journey. What I ended up with, apparently, was Pokémon Christmas music. Ecks...dee...?