Find me online

I do always eventually respond to emails here, but it does often take me awhile.

YouTube Dave Conway Piano

I really don't record enough, but it's not my fault. I blame my crippling self-esteem issues.


I like Mastodon more than Twitter for several reasons; it just needs more users.

I don't post a lot, but I'm more likely to post here than on Twitter.

Twitter @SergeiBrokofiev

I almost never Tweet, but DMs will ping my phone, so I'll probably answer them pretty quickly.

Discord SPIEL Team Six (Brokofiev#9752)

This is my Discord. Everyone's welcome to join, but feel free to just message me directly.

It's actually a reliably good way to get in touch with me.

Twitch SergeiBrokofiev

I used to stream on Twitch. I don't stream on Twitch anymore. Maybe one day I'll stream on Twitch again. Brokofiev#1654

I'm usually logged into this. I'm also usually happy to play a couple games of Heroes of the Storm!

Steam Sergei Brokofiev

No, I'm not actively playing "YoloMouse." It's just always running, which is why Steam thinks I play 80+ hours of video games every week.

Guild Wars 2 davidoff.9860

My favorite MMORPG. I play off and on, but if you catch me online, I'm generally happy to run most content.

Final Fantasy XIV Kiwi Kayoubi (Adamantoise (Aether))

The other MMORPG I play off and on. That's the server Adamantoise on the Aether data center.

I dunno why I picked a weeby name in the weeby MMO. I'm not even a weeb.