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I've Been Recording!

I can't believe I haven't posted a thing to the blog since JULY, but, then again, that does kind of sound like me, so I'm willing to accept that it's true.

It hasn't all been complete laziness, though: a bit over six weeks ago, I ...

Mid-Season Update

Well, half of 2017 has come and gone, and it probably seems like I have, too. I mean, I have, so that's probably why it seems that way.

Some Stream Stats

Hot damn, I'm behind on my blogging. March must have been so bad that I didn't even take time for a brief month-in-review post. Oh well, time to do a bit of catching up.

The other day in stream I was talking about how it would be cool ...

Piano Notation, MuseScore, and You #2: Creating Space

A bit more MuseScore-specific than its predecessor, this installment will focus on some crucial techniques for creating space to give your notes some breathing room.

Piano Notation, MuseScore, and You #1: Cross-Staff Beaming

When I write, I do it at the piano with a black Pilot G2 fine-point pen and manuscript paper. It's the easiest and fastest way to take notes out of my head and put them into some physical medium. When I'm finished with whatever I'm working on ...

State of the Union, December 2016

Uh, hey. It's been, what, like six months? Seven? I'd way we're marginally overdue for a little State of the Union address. If you want the short version...the good: I'm alive and well, I have my piano back, and I'm definitely returning to streaming ...

Why Your High-End Piano VST Still Sounds Like Garbage

Sometimes I listen to YouTube and just let "autoplay" do its thing and take me where it will. This morning I moved quite randomly from Kapustin into Prokofiev and this started playing:

Update: turns out the video was deleted, so, uh, no more video.

Within a handful of seconds I ...

Upcoming Stream Features

I've been streaming for a solid three weeks now, and have been getting great feedback and a lot of solid requests as I slowly build a follower base, so I just want to let you guys know what's coming up.

Also I'll just go ahead and mention ...

Franz Xaver Scharwenka: Piano Concerto No. 4 in F Minor

This is an absolutely phenomenal (and basically completely unknown) piano concerto by German-Polish composer Franz Xaver Scharwenka. If you've got nothing to listen to for the next 43 minutes, you can't go wrong with this.

Performed by pianist Francois Xavier Poizat, with the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra under Lukasz ...