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Site's Back Up

I believe my site went down on or around October 24. By down, I mean, like, down down: just black-text-on-white-background-500-Internal-Server-Error down. I didn't realize for almost a full month, because I started working long hours for my day-job on October 23, I was away for awhile in early November ...

Mid-Season Update

Well, half of 2017 has come and gone, and it probably seems like I have, too. I mean, I have, so that's probably why it seems that way.

2016 Year in Review, on Goal-Setting, and Plans for 2017

In a single semicolon-separated list of independent clauses: 2016 was shit (except when it wasn't); set smarter goals; get a preview of my plans for 2017.

State of the Union, December 2016

Uh, hey. It's been, what, like six months? Seven? I'd way we're marginally overdue for a little State of the Union address. If you want the short version...the good: I'm alive and well, I have my piano back, and I'm definitely returning to streaming ...


It's been way too long a time coming, but I finally have a damn website up on the internet. There's absolutely nothing on it yet, because for all my lofty musical goals, it turns out that life's just easier when you spend most of it yelling at ...