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So, DreamHost Upgraded Ubuntu and Your Django Project Exploded

On October 24, Dreamhost upgraded the Ubuntu version on their shared hosting servers, and, in the process, upgraded Django from version 1.4.x or 1.5.x or something to 1.6.11. If you're an idiot, like I am, you neglected to follow the link in the ...

Making requests from JavaScript to the new Twitch Helix API

With Twitch's V3 and V5 APIs officially deprecated (though not slated for removal until the end of 2018), Twitch has been rolling out a new API, so if you develop an app with Twitch integration, it's probably not the worst idea in the world to start transitioning now ...

New Feature: Request Replacements

Quick update: Kate tells me that during every single stream I do, at least one person asks how they can remove or change their queued request. You've never been able to do that: once your request was in, it was in forever, unless I caught you asking about it ...

Request page updates, mobile page coming soon!

In an attempt to make my sheet music library a little easier to search on my stream's request page, I've removed the disgustingly long, poorly sorted composer/arranger dropdown fields and put auto-complete fields in their place (and on the title search field, as well):

I probably could ...

Major Request System Bug Fixed

For awhile now, people have been complaining that random requests from the library will just hang forever for them while others go through perfectly fine. For the longest time, I could not figure out why this would be, but I finally did some digging last night, uncovered the issue, and ...

Request System Success!

With the exception of a one-character sort order bug, the request system worked great on its maiden run last night! Thanks to everyone who helped me test by making requests!

Changes made:

  1. The request queue now shows the oldest first, not the newest.
  2. Library search filter dropdowns now sort items ...

Twitch JavaScript API redirect_uri Woes

My requests system is just about done! Probably the biggest hiccup I kept running into with it was the Twitch JavaScript API failing to grant an access token, citing a "redirect_uri_mismatch," despite my redirect URI exactly matching what's stated on my Twitch application's settings page.

Well, it turns ...