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Mid-Season Update

14 July 2017 09:38 EDT under
Life, Music, Twitch

Well, half of 2017 has come and gone, and it probably seems like I have, too. I mean, I have, so that's probably why it seems that way.

I played in a concert in Frederick Maryland at my alma mater, Hood College, on June 29, and it went really well! I played a set of four original compositions called "Seasonal Images," which comprises:

They all went over well, but Autumn Blues was a huge hit. I don't think people expected anything jazzy out of me, especially not during a program filled largely with classical music.

Anyway, you likely remember me stopping streaming about six weeks ago, citing "I gotta get these compositions finished" as a reason. Well, I needed it. I wanted the compositions done by the end of May, but it took me an extra week and half to wrap them all up, and then I needed to notate them in MuseScore, and, you know, practice them. I also needed to learn almost twenty minutes' worth of two-piano music by the end of the month, so I just never came back.

From "Winter Cocoa." You can tell it's mine because fucking time signatures.

And then, shortly before the concert, Kate had to go away to Florida because of her late grandfather's failing health. She stayed for two weeks, and on top of having to take care of the puppy and recovering from all the concert stress, I just never came back to Twitch.

And every time I'm away from Twitch, I start pontificating on how to make my Twitch experience better for myself and my little viewership. I've had no fewer than five people over the past month tell me that I really need to get to recording, and I can no longer halfheartedly disagree with that. I really need to get to recording. So over the next...while...practicing and recording is going to be my focus. I also want to branch out in my original writing and try to put together a demo portfolio of the kinds of music I would write for games, but that's an issue for another mid-season update.

So where does that leave Twitch? I certainly don't want to leave Twitch forever, because I genuinely enjoy streaming, but I also don't want it to feel pressure to commit to doing it: it isn't my job and it isn't an appreciable source of income. So here's my new streaming schedule:

When I'm bored and am not doing anything productive, I'll stream.

It couldn't possibly sound less concrete, but I think some people may end up surprised by how often I'll end up popping into their Twitch feeds. :D

Aside from that, I don't have much to report! The two other pianists from the concert and I are playing (mostly) the same program again at York College in September, but the amount of preparation I'll need to do for that one is far lower.

Keep it real, and drop me a message sometime if you happen to read this! Email, Battle.net, Twitch, Twitter: I check 'em all, and I love hearing from you guys.

(Also I can't come back until I get a new iPad charger, because this little asshole chewed clear through mine.)