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Why Tidus Is Ruining FFX for Me

14 September 2015 08:22 EDT under

I'm actually a pretty shit-tier Final Fantasy fan if you go by the games in the series that I've completed, a collection which comprises the following Roman numerals (one with an Arabic numeral modifier): I, IV, VI, VII, XIII, XIII-2. But in the spirit of rectifying that, I'm playing through the FFX HD remaster. I'm about twenty hours in right now.

So far, there are several flaws with this game, but there are probably more things that it does well. But that's just in terms of quantity of good and bad things. There is one bad thing that is so miserably bad that it is totally ruining this game for me so far: the protagonist, Tidus (or, if you're playing my save file, "Tydiss").

[Obviously, there will be some minor first-half-of-the-game spoilers here.]

Several people now have told me that FFX is one of their favorite games, if not their very favorite. It's obviously one of the most critically acclaimed titles in the series. I think part of my problem is that I was expecting it to be this mind-blowing experience right from the get-go, and it hasn't been.

I'm willing to overlook the smaller flaws, but there's one flaw so obvious and so grating that I cannot possibly overlook it: the protagonist is a fucking idiot.

Tidus ("you," henceforth) is a seventeen-year-old kid who is a star player of blitzball, a sport that may or may not require you to be able to hold your breath for an indeterminate-though-non-zero amount of minutes while simultaneously performing highly athletic activity. The game opens with your blitzball match getting interrupted by a giant monster that begins brutalizing the city from way up in the sky. Some random dude named Auron that you apparently know gives you a sword, because he always brings an extra to sporting events; takes you to the monster, who he informs you "they" named "Sin"; and tosses you up into its eye/cloaca/center-hole-thingy/whatever, transporting you to either a.) another world, b.) another universe, or c.) Sin's insides.

Decent start to the game; left me asking a lot of questions. Eventually Auron just kinda shows back up in a city you're in, which left me asking a lot more questions. And here's where the game's story just totally falls flat for me: our protagonist never asks any of these questions. He's just totally fucking fine with his insanely insane situation. Twenty hours of "welp, I guess this is how things be now." Are you fucking kidding me?

Here are a list of questions Tidus might ask Auron:

Instead Tidus is just like "yo, sup Auron," and they brohug or fistbump or whatever and then that's fucking it for twenty hours. I'm sure answers are coming eventually, but right now this story is absolutely ruined by its trash protagonist. ASK ONE FUCKING RELEVANT QUESTION, TIDUS, PLEASE.

tydiss pls