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Upcoming Stream Features

03 September 2015 13:56 EDT under
Music, Twitch

I've been streaming for a solid three weeks now, and have been getting great feedback and a lot of solid requests as I slowly build a follower base, so I just want to let you guys know what's coming up.

Also I'll just go ahead and mention now that I have fixed the issue in which the radio buttons for the easier/exactly/harder difficulty comparison options on the requests page were invisible. Simple case of "this worked in Firefox, so it must work everywhere" derpery.

All right, then. Stuff you guys keep asking for:

Save past broadcasts: done, as of Tuesday, 01 August 2015. Twitch did mute my first saved video during, of all things, my playing a Chopin Nocturne, which has to have been public domain for close to 100 years now.

Show what request you're currently playing in the stream window: definitely coming. I guess for now I could do a simple window capture of a browser with my site open and crop it to the queue area, but I'd like to have a legit solution to this at some point, probably using an auto-moderator like Nightbot to also announce the start of works in chat.

Make custom chat commands: I'd love if people could request straight from the chat window by using !request <title> or !request <url> or something, and it would just pop it straight into this site's queue. I'd also like a "!nowplaying" that would give request info, etc. What custom commands would you like to see?

Put videos on YouTube: I'm going to start using the weekends to record videos of myself playing your requests and my own works that I'm comfortable with putting out there in permanent form. They'll all be up on this site, too (which desperately needs music).

Add a tip/donation feature: I'm shocked that people want to give me money, but, hey, I'll take it! Looking into this right now; it'll be coming soon.

On an unrelated note, the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon streams have been turning into requestfests in the same vein as the Monday and Friday evening streams. I'm going to have to work harder to weave 10-15 minutes of practice in-between every request on those days in an attempt to make sure I get closer to my goal of actually recording the Final Fantasy album that I'd like to put out.

And I need to find time to compose new stuff, still...