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A New Collection in the Works

I am indeed practicing to record (gonna start with 13 Zelda arrangement videos), but I've recently dropped some time (uh...maybe nearly 30 hours' worth) into NieR: Automata, and it's goddamn brilliant. It's the only single-player game I've played since Ori and the Blind Forest that ...

Dave Hates Games: I Am Setsuna

2016, developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, published by Square Enix, $40

If I had to pick a single word that encompasses the entire nature of I Am Setsuna, I would fail. But if I had to pick two words, I would pick "bleak" and "austere." Bleaksterity permeates every facet of ...

I Am Stuck in HotS MMR Hell and It Is Awful

But Dave, the only common factor across all your games is you!

Incorrect. At this point I have enough empirical evidence to safely say that there is another common factor: all of my teammates had the same lobotomist.

Seriously, some highlights from recent games:

  • A last-pick Tassadar as sole support ...

I Was Right About FFXIV:HW and Now the Rest of the World Is Finally Catching up to Me

Hey, remember when I wrote about how shitty Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's endgame is? I do. To refresh your memory:

  1. Horrible pacing of gear progression
  2. Everyday content is incredibly boring
  3. There is no middle-difficulty content

I have additional updates to this list, as well:

  • Leveling from 50-60 on alt ...

Why Tidus Is Ruining FFX for Me

I'm actually a pretty shit-tier Final Fantasy fan if you go by the games in the series that I've completed, a collection which comprises the following Roman numerals (one with an Arabic numeral modifier): I, IV, VI, VII, XIII, XIII-2. But in the spirit of rectifying that, I ...

Three Problems with FFXIV: Heavensward's Endgame

I'm just gonna pop a big old disclaimer at the beginning here and say that yes, I know that there is a ton of shit to do in FFXIV. Crafting, gathering, so many jobs to level...these are specifically my issues with the current endgame for combat classes. We ...

Skies of Arcadia Legends: Hour One

Back in high school, over a decade ago (yeesh), I somehow acquired a copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends for Nintendo Gamecube. I literally have zero recollection of buying it or receiving it as a gift, so...presumably someone lent it to me? I dunno. Anyway, I remember virtually nothing ...

So You Think You Can Machinist: Hardcore Tunnel Vision Edition

Sometimes I write goofy class guides for Final Fantasy XIV on the FFXIV subreddit. In the interest of getting anything up on this site, I've reposted the entire thing here.