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A New Collection in the Works

30 July 2017 22:46 EDT under
Games, Music

I am indeed practicing to record (gonna start with 13 Zelda arrangement videos), but I've recently dropped some time (uh...maybe nearly 30 hours' worth) into NieR: Automata, and it's goddamn brilliant. It's the only single-player game I've played since Ori and the Blind Forest that just has me totally sucked in. I could sit on the couch for twelve straight hours and play it, no joke. Perfect combat, a great story (that, as I understand it, has yet to go full mindfuck), and, most importantly, a killer soundtrack.

I never played the original NieR on the PS3, but I have listened to its complete soundtrack on YouTube several dozen times, easily. Here. Go listen to it while you work or something. It's easily in my top three video game scores of all time, alongside those of Chrono Cross and Shadow of the Colossus (honorable mentions include those of Chrono Trigger, of course, Ni no Kuni, and several of the Final Fantasy games.

NieR: Automata's soundtrack is not quite as good as its predecessor's, but it's still phenomenal. There's also quite a dearth of good piano arrangements of any of its tracks, which, despite my zero recording activity of the past several years, gnaws at me. And because I'm always the most productive when I have a good project ongoing, I've decided to do a set of transcriptions (that are less heavily arranged than my usual stuff) of some of the more popular tracks in the game.

The Weight of the World

I haven't even encountered this in the game yet, but from what I understand, it involves FEELS, so it's going in.

Vague Hope

This one's 50-50 as to whether I'll include it.

The Amusement Park Theme

I just personally really love this one.

Voice of No Return

Necessary inclusion.

A Beautiful Song

I don't know where the game's going to go, yet, but the "Opera Boss" has been a highlight of both my first playthrough and my unfinished second, so far.

The Copied City

This only plays during one short segment of the game, but it fits the moment perfectly.

City Ruins Boss (?)

I'm pretty sure this isn't the actual title, but I can't find it quickly at the moment. Collection needs a couple really intense things, for sure. This also references at least one track from the original NieR's soundtrack, which is dope.

I'll be doing "Weight of the World" first, I believe, but after that, who knows?