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Month in Review: January 2017

28 January 2017 11:58 EST under
Life, Music, Site

I figured it'd be helpful (to me, not you) to have a brief retrospective at or near the end of every month to assess how well or poorly I'm doing at meeting my goals. Let's have a gander at January, shall we?

Buying myself more time: cutting back on my work hours and weeknight online gaming hours was my single most important goal, and I did a great job with it. I successfully hard-capped my work hours at 25 (and even got in a little under that a couple weeks). I technically cheated on the online gaming thing a few times by firing up Heroes of the Storm before 9 PM, but I never did so without putting in several hours at the piano first and hitting a good stopping point in my work. Realistically, I don't play the piano much after 8 PM anyway, but I did miss out on a couple evenings' worth of notating scores in software or writing blog posts or whatever. Overall, though, not bad: gaming time was way down, and what was once an hours-long nightly ritual has become an every-now-and-then thing that rarely lasts more than an hour. FeelsGoodMan.

Streaming: streaming was never really on the menu for January, due to issues with the piano that needed to be addressed, so it's not really a part of this assessment. Worth mentioning, though: the repairs have been made, everything's sounding much better, and I'll probably spend some time this weekend cleaning up the stream page and getting things set up to get back to it in a week or two here.

Composing/Recording: I didn't record anything for the same reason I didn't stream. I did, however, do a great job with composing. Ages ago, I started a seven-piece suite of town music arrangements from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow that I'm tentatively calling "A Tour of Kanto." I wrote two of them, God, I dunno, sometime early in 2016? -- and then I just kinda stopped. I got back to it hard this month, though, and wrote four new arrangements: Vermillion City's theme, Lavender Town's theme, Celadon City's theme, and Viridian/Pewter/...Saffron...? City's theme. A couple of the themes are used in several cities. I'm still finishing up that last one this weekend, but will immediately move on to the Cinnabar Island theme and start recording the set. The goal as stated at the beginning this month was to do at least three "easier/shorter" arrangements and at least one "harder/longer" (giggity) arrangement each month. These Pokémon arrangements fall somewhere awkwardly in the middle of those two descriptors, so I'm considering getting four of them written (especially given that I was out in Chicago for the first week of the month) a solid success.

Writing on the Blog: Eh, not great. I started a series about piano notation, though, and am almost through the second entry (they're time-consuming to write), so that's cool. Would like to try to get around to writing reviews of some of the single-player games I've been playing recently (Uncharted 4, I Am Setsuna, Tomb Raider, Ori and the Blind Forest, etc.).

Overall: Overall, this has been a great start to 2017. I'm already solidly in the habit of wrapping up work early and going straight to the piano, and it feels good to produce tangible things (in the form of written scores, I guess) and to spend most evenings doing stuff other than playing video games. I think it'll be no problem keeping it up going forward.