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I Was an Adult Today!

09 January 2017 22:13 EST under

Hello from my brand-new Chromebook! Half a Christmas bonus and a large handful of what-the-Hell-do-I-get-Dave-for-Christmas-oh-God-it's-December-twenty-fourth-does-Amazon-do-free-same-day-shipping-on-gift-cards gift cards later, I found myself with a non-trivial amount of Amazon fundage, so I went ahead and got myself an Acer R13 Chromebook.

I'd been considering upgrading my wheezing, dying old laptop for awhile now -- it's got a broken fan and the BIOS thermometer just says "Sperm Annihilation" instead of an actual temperature -- and I wanted something a little smaller, a lot lighter, and substantially less likely to render me sterile. Mission accomplished! It also converts into a tablet, so it'll be great for streaming: I can put it right next to my iPad and monitor Twitch chat and my request queue much more easily.

I can't play games on it, but the only game I played on my laptop anymore was Guild Wars 2, and increasingly infrequently, anyway. I can't do my day-job on it, either, because we're a Microsoft shop and I need Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio, but, in the event that I need to work away from home, I'll just bust out the ol' Ball Microwaver. I'm going to use Crouton to install Linux on the Chromebook it so that I can easily do development work on the website as well as use MuseScore to notate my arrangements.

Speaking of arrangements: I only worked five hours today, and then I sat down at the piano for another five and finished one up! Felt really good to get back to it. That's three down now in a suite of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow arrangements I started way too long ago. One day at a time...