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19 May 2016 13:19 EDT under
Life, Music

Dear God, it's been over two months. With the piano gone, I've really just fallen off the face of the Earth, I guess. I don't think too many people actually read my blog, but I know a couple of you check in from time to time, so here's a little update.

Hello, my adoring fans!

The piano is still in the shop, and work is going well. I got some photos from the technician the other day, which was nice. I think it's going to take him longer than two months to finish the work, which annoys me a little bit (apparently it didn't get in until March 29), but if I come out of this with a great-sounding and great-feeling instrument, all will be well in the end (except my bank account (rip)).

I've been doing some more arranging, at least. I finished my second The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time suite, which is based on the set of six ocarina pieces that I didn't use for my first suite of arrangements from that game. Whereas the pieces on which the first set was based all had very musically descriptive titles ("The Prelude of Light," "The Nocture of Shadow," "The Minuet of Forest," etc.), almost everything in this new set was super-generic, so I had some real freedom with it. Here's the mapping of the in-game tracks to my arrangements:

  1. Song of Time -> Fugue and Chorale of Time
  2. Saria's Song -> Saria's Scherzo
  3. Epona's Song -> Epona's Pastorale
  4. Sun's Song -> Sun's Waltz
  5. Zelda's Lullaby -> Zelda's Nocturne and Zelda's Music Box
  6. Song of Storms -> Toccata of Storms

Zelda's Lullaby got two different arrangements because, a.) eponymous, and, b.) it's the only one not named "Something's Song" or "Song of Something," so it felt special. Seven pieces total, a bit over twenty minutes. Probably harder than the first suite, but still not too hard -- late-intermediate/early-advanced territory. It has -- maybe unsurprisingly, given the nature of the game itself -- a real focus on shifting time signatures (except in Sun's Waltz).

I'm in the middle of a new suite right now: some classic Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow tunes! I'm doing all of the "town" themes and will call the completed suite "A Tour of Kanto" or something. It'll be another seven-piece suite and I've finished two so far. It's harder than either of the Zelda suites, but still easier than the Final Fantasy stuff I've done.

Other than that, I don't have much for you, people. Work is work, I try to write at least a little music every day, and in the evenings I just chill with Kate. I miss the piano and I miss streaming. I'm growing increasingly uninterested in my day-job. Not really in a productivity loss kind of way, more just in a "I don't care about this anymore" kind of way. Probably more related to the fact that the stuff I've been working on recently is extremely tedious than it is the fact that I'm bored of the job itself. I'd love to be able to make the piano-streaming thing actually produce income, but I think that dream's a long way off.

I play a decent bit of Heroes of the Storm and Guild Wars 2 these days, so if you play either of those and want to hit me up and catch up while watching me get tilted, please do! I'm Brokofiev#1654 on Battle.net and my main GW2 character is Frédéric Fropin.

Peace out.