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Streaming Hiatus

05 March 2016 10:43 EST under
Life, Twitch

If you're a stream regular, you've probably noticed my absence for the past two weeks. Long story short (and I should've written this sooner), I'm taking a little hiatus. I love streaming, but it gets tiring -- followers trickle in every single time I'm online, which is great, but concurrent viewership sits totally stagnant. My regulars are fantastic, and I love you, and I'm definitely coming back, so don't worry. I just need to do a little more to promote viewership.

The piano is ready to be shipped out to have its action rebuilt, so I'm focusing really hard on composing and (soon) practicing, so that I can start recording the day it gets shipped back. My second The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time suite is just about finished (halfway through the seventh and final piece); once that's done, I'll have two short (45 minutes) albums' worth of music to record and get out there.

Rainwave, an online video game music radio, has a great community of people with whom I spend a lot of time in the site's IRC channel, and they have a "standing request" for my recordings once they're made, so I'll also get immediate exposure via their Covers channel, which I'm really excited about.

Things I need to do before I return:

So, long story short, yes, I will absolutely be back! Thanks again to the great support so many of you have shown me.