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Thirty-Second Book Reviews #4: The Little Prince

06 February 2016 20:09 EST under
Thirty-Second Book Reviews

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1943)

This third-best-selling book of all time, ostensibly a children's story, is a short, pleasantly illustrated (by the author himself, no less) tale about the fantastic interplanetary travel of a young prince.


In reality, it is the most goddamn fucking French existential-crisis shit that's ever been written and once you're done with it you feel like someone has punched a little hole in your heart with a little heart-hole-punchy device. Everyone is awful, life turns us all into monsters, friendship can only end in disappointment, and your inner child is going to die no matter how hard you try to stop it.

My edition, here on Amazon, ~100 pages.

9/10: There's nothing bad to say about this book; it's just really soul-crushingly French. It's short and easy to read and you'll be done in two sittings at most. I give it a nine because while it's perfect for what it is, it is still a short book accessible to children, so it lacks a lot of the depth that I generally look for in a book.

High point: makes you pretty much hate all of humanity.

Low point: makes you pretty much hate all of humanity.