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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Hour One

10 August 2015 00:50 EDT under
Games, Twitch

Back in high school, over a decade ago (yeesh), I somehow acquired a copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends for Nintendo Gamecube. I literally have zero recollection of buying it or receiving it as a gift, so...presumably someone lent it to me? I dunno. Anyway, I remember virtually nothing about the game, other than that a.) I only played a couple hours of it, and b.) I remember enjoying it before it suddenly disappeared from my collection, so...presumably they took it back? I dunno.

I was thinking that maybe what I should start streaming on Twitch is a bunch of old RPGs that I never played or finished, so I was looking at a list of oft-overlooked games in the genre, and when I saw SoAL on there, it was like I got rammed by a nostalgia truck, even though the nostalgia was 100% generated by the box art and nothing else.

So I popped open the old Dolphin emulator, got myself a ROM of the game, and played an hour. In addition to deciding that, yes, I will go ahead and stream this as my first-ever game on Twitch, I made the following observations:

  1. Gamecube games hold up pretty well, visually, honestly. It's not beautiful by any means, but it has a certain charm to it.
  2. You are an air pirate and you steal from people and murder them in non-trivial numbers but when you get home and your mom's cooking dinner she tells you to play outside until it's ready.
  3. It's okay that you are an air pirate and steal from people and murder them in non-trivial numbers because you only do that to government officials and their vessels and then you Robin Hood the takings.
  4. A vegetable garden with like seven plants in it, four of which may actually just be weeds, is evidently all an entire sky island of people needs for sustenance.
  5. The first thing you do when you "rescue" (jury is still out on the validity of those air quotes) this rando girl is tell her all about your job as an air pirate, as well as all the details of your secret operations base. Your captain father is totally fine with this. The whole operation is extremely professional.
  6. Nobody has chairs. Seriously, all the houses on your little hometown island have ground levels dedicated solely to a dining table but I guess you all just eat standing because there is not a single chair to be found, anywhere.
  7. Your friend Aika's bedroom wall has a small hole in it that's exposed to the elements, so she covered it on the outside with a handkerchief, which, aside from being a real pro-tier fix for someone resourceful enough to singlehandedly murder grown men, when peeped through by the main character, Vyse, to no small amount of offense on Aika's part, results in him telling her that she "probably put it there to attract attention anyway." Victim-blaming much, you hormone-driven little pervert?
  8. The little dog, Pow, is p. adorbz: